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Mexican Bird of Paradise and a morphing start-up

Yeah, that’s me, yours truly, at my new potting bench. Putting one of these wild Mexican Bird of Paradise seedlings that come up in my yard each year into a pot to be sold later. New entrepreneur project arose to celebrate Pres. Trump’s election, it is. Now I just need to make sure I’ve got the exact identity of the plants! And how to tell apart when young? Testimony of any self-professed plant expert — such as a genuine Trump supporter — would be taken as de facto expert proof, of course! Just reply to this post at the bottom, anyone with an idea. (DMT photo)


By Dan Bodine



Bush, on left; tree, on right. Both Mexican Birds of Paradise! Can offsprings from a plant take on distinctive different characteristics than its parent — such as what foolish human children have attempted “to get away” with for thousands of years? (Image by Mauro Guanandi)

Prez Trump and his throw-it-to-the-wilds attitude may be setting the standard now for new start-up’s, and you can bet there are millions of us other wanna-beĀ entrepreneurs out there “in the wings,” too — still scratching for cash; awaiting our own “rendezvous with destiny”! Continue reading