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All this talk about Texas being “backwards” is a conspiracy

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The accusatory words by Patrice Greenville above are from his film review summary of “Deliver us from Drought,” found here in “When religiosity trumps Science” on (Combined image by Maiya Bodine)


By Dan Bodine
Want to pass along a link to a new HBO film series that includes Texas’ “religiosity” – vis a vis its “backward” political culture – that’s guaranteed to ruffle some feathers! Even has my favorite congressman in it.

Maybe the picky theme should be why should climate denialists, science denialists, far-right conservatives, religious extremists, and a backwards religious and political culture all have to do with our beloved, great state of Texas?

You lookin’ to buy a car, young man?

Yeah, I’ve mellowed some. Twenty-five years ago in Johnson County as my first-career world was collapsing on me, loveboat and all, one of the memorable conversations that arose in it was with my business pardner, the late Don R. McNiel. I’d disappointed him in a writing piece.

Don, a wealthy Republican entrepreneur who Barton listens to testimony during a hearing on synthetic genomics by the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Capitol Hill in Washingtona year or so earlier had unsuccessfully challenged House Speaker Jim Wright of Fort Worth for his house seat, accused me of “taking a cheap shot” at our GOP Congressman Joe Barton for his whole hog support of capitalism.

In an environmental editorial entitled “Friend or Foe…?”, I argued crony capitalism – specifically as in the Exxon Valdez oil spill incident – was a destructive beast loose amongst us,  best I can remember. Barton at the time was staunchly defending Exxon.

After what all has happened in my life since, it’s good to see ol’ Joe is going be in this film clip still preaching his same puff. Good to see him blindly still “sticking to his guns” on climate change.

The young whiz kid correspondent conducting interviews in the film, to his credit, obviously covered a lot of miles in our great Lone Star state. Interviewed a lot of folks. All, apparently, in that same pullover white shirt though.

Hee, hee. Maybe ol’ Joe would’ve loaned him the money to buy himself another one. If’n he’d just asked. Just something to ding him about the transformative powers of get-up-and-go capitalism, ‘know what I mean?

Or, being the far-right conservative he is, maybe at least lead a prayer session for him.

Great things happen in Texas, you know! We ace on that one.!

Here’s the link:

I strongly recommend not watching the full-length film sequence on HBO though, btw. I just can’t help but feel there’s a conspiracy somewhere with all this talk about Texas being backward.

With the state’s history, burning hot, dry even in wet years, no jobs, cattle dying on the farms, sex, making babies and preaching ’bout the only honest activities left around, and them holy ones at that, etc., etc.…What were we expected to do when Adam and Eve fled the garden? Huh? Roll over and die?

What’s with people, picking on us?!

It’s just like Mama use to say, It just seems sometimes the whole world is out to git us!

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