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A notice to my readers on health problems

(Image courtesy of jdurha, morgue files)

(Image courtesy of jdurha, morgue files)




By Dan Bodine


If you’ve wondered why this site has been largely inactive for several months now, there’s a simple answer. Poor health has sapped a large chunk of my energy.

And now my eyes are asking for a time-out. Thus I’m calling one. A poquito one. However that turns out.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) coupled with sleep apnea [both long-time diseases that have worsened on me] are my two major ills that, synched in tandem, have me thinking sometime I’m looking out at the world from underneath a rock. Or at least with a heavy weight on my chest.

Increasingly, there are times where it seems just mustering the energy to walk around the back yard a time or two is a chore. Often I’ve thought, boy, good thing I’m still not putting out printed newspapers; guys handling the presses really would be stomping their feet over my slowness!

But not to alarm anyone, this notice is. Just to keep you “in the loop.” If it was serious, Noemi wouldn’t be letting me watch Texas Rangers baseball games anymore.

A spring chick at heart, e.g., still convinced at a moment’s notice I’m fully capable of flying the coop (One more time!), obviously I’ve got plenty of life left me.

I will admit I’m a little bit worried about what’s been happening, however. Energy has been foremost of the concerns.

The latest kink on my health, which I discovered visiting an eye doctor last week, is that I’m losing sight in my right eye. Considerable damage to the optic nerve.

That raises the seriousness bar some. And has got me scratching my head, too. A Sammy Davis Jr. I ain’t, at any age. Now I’ll really slow to a crawl.

So I thought I might ought to let you, my dear readers, in on the situation, before anyone gets to thinking of abandoning ship on me.

The possibility of losing your vision is a risk I just don’t want to take. So I’m gearing down some more.

Whether or not the situation is reversible or not I won’t know until a specialist gets through with me. However long that will take.

But hang in; keep the light on for me. During this little tryst if I get a chance to hang my hat something, you can bet I’ll do it.

I’ll “see” you after getting around this next curve.

As always, thanks for being a subscriber.

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