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‘Invisible Hand’ joined two cultures and religions

Noemi besides River Road in Big Bend State Park a few years after her marriage to Dan in March, 1995.


Readers Note: May the legendary singer Frank Sinatra rest in peace; the message of his hugely popular song, “I Did It My Way,” is rather cavalier. A charade for publicity and sales, to be more honest. That there are unseen currents in the universe that exponentially influence people’s lives in ways unknown to them is much more arguable than a person seen as a solo disc jockey for his/her own music. We’ll provide the following story I wrote as example — of what religious leaders since early ages call fate by the hand of God. You be the judge.   — db



LA JUNTO DE LOS RIOS–Gloria Noemi Fierro had lived her adult life as a single person comfortably for years in Ojinaga in the hectic, cross-trade atmosphere at the Ojinaga /Presidio – port-of entry on the Rio Grande here. Had done so long before she was to meet someone new from  Presidio one night in 1994.

As a proud Latina, caring for her ill mother and working for ADUANA (Mexican Customs), she had friends on both sides of La Junta de Los Rios–where Mexico’s Rio Conchos flows northward into the Rio Grande. She knew them as simply one large community, part of the mountainous great northern Chihuahuan Desert. Continue reading