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Welcome to Desert Southwest news and some country philosophy!


Welcome aboard, folks! We’re not sure yet exactly what we’re evolving into, but we’re getting there! Hang in there with us!

A little history, first. Desert Mountain Times, the idea, started long ago in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with Southwest Times, Inc. A friend and I bought a weekly newspaper in 1985, incorporated it; and added three small ones to it in a common dream.

Dan at computer

Dan Bodine, early days of learning website composition during breaks from outside gardening.

We wanted a strong regional publication as a weekly, heavy on human interest features, opinions and reader participation, all that subscribers could embrace more or less as family.

But that dream fizzled out in a bad economy; the corporation folded. And my life as I knew it then more or less ended. I ended up alone, more or less flat on my back, and hundreds of miles away–in the hot, dry, rugged mountains of the Chihuahuan Desert!

Big Bend Counties 400

Ended up with hardly nothing more than a very small paper in a small border town in far West Texas, and having to take on a second job as the town’s sole judge later just to help pay the printing costs and keep the paper alive. But God was smiling on me. Few people will be lucky enough to gather such experiences while starting their life anew.

The New Beginning included, above all, a new family and new culture–this strange, exhilarating, new desert mountain environment and a better way folks in general treat each other here–as well as a stable of new good friends. And it’s all combined in this yearning in me to keep the dream alive that the late Don R. McNiel and I started back in the Dallas-Fort area, all those many years ago .

600-03004109Now retired, our family living upstream a ways from Presidio but still in the desert mountains (in El Paso), we’re going back to some extent to what Don and I started in 1985–only in electronic publishing. And at a much slower pace, too, obviously.

But hang in with us. You’ll learn a little about these people here and the places they make up. Eventually we may even ask you to sign up for a newsletter so we can spread even more cheer. We’ve got other websites we’re working on, too, as well as spending a lot of time on backyard landscaping, hobbying for me, on these desert plants that I’ve grown to love.

Check out the site often. We tinker here with changes and new blog posts quite often.

And thank you always for your visits.