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Welcome aboard, folks! We’ve gone through a little metamorphosis in the few years we’ve been publishing but have always stuck to being opinionated and being interesting! So please come join us!

In addition to regional news and opinion pieces we’ve added a newsletter to the site, too, one on gardening and conservation — all in urban sprawl. The Southwest is booming!

Desert Greens is about not only desert plants but working in the yards with mostly plants you buy here in the nursery centers in the desert Southwest.  And also, yes, on our concern about the environment and conservation topics. Politics is how we shape the deadbolt on the door that protects our world, of course.

A little history one. I’m a native of the Dallas – Fort Worth area; and spent almost 20 years in Texas newspapers before coming to Presidio in ’89 to take over a little weekly.

I sold The International a few years after taking on a Pct. 2 Justice of the Peace job; later married and built a family; and after retiring we all moved to El Paso. I’d developed numerous health problems, and driving to medial specialists in El Paso was becoming too costly.

Rest of family: Noemi, right, and our daughter, Maiya Kareli Bodine, seen a few years back at a resort at Rosario, Baja California. (DMT photo)

Rest of family: Noemi, right, and our daughter, Maiya Kareli Bodine, seen a few years back at a resort at Rosario, Baja California. (DMT photo)

But this new beginning in my life from D-FW — one I’m forever grateful for, of course — included not just a new family and new culture, but this strange, exhilarating, new desert mountain environment out here in far West Texas; the strange plants that manage to hang to it; and a better way folks in general seem to treat each other. As well as many new good friends I’ve made, of course.


Some of what you’ll read in these pages will be concerning our family now, especially as we struggle yet again to put in another garden, as Noemi reminds me occasionally.

Water, water, water, too, is always a topic of concern in the desert — especially amidst urban sprawl — and conserving it and the environments that hold it are dear to my heart always. Look for current news concerning them here.

Be sure to sign up for the newsletter so we can spread even more cheer. Unconventional we are, yes. But we spend a lot of time on these desert plants that I’ve grown to love. And generally on environmental conservation.

The occasional newsletter will chronicle it and bring you latest conservation news, as well as how some of the plants are able to take it all in and make a showing for themselves, too.

Check out the site often. Postings aren’t regular by any means but always interesting. Sign up both for the blog and the newsletter.  And thank you always for your visits.

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